Did you ever tell you an inner voice, what terrible mistakes you made, raising children? That you are useless, too strict, too soft, too much interfering in their lives, you are not interested in enough, you work too much, buy too much-here is something of this. Now I will list parental mistakes that you can, in principle, make. Hold on, go.

Perhaps you are one of those who are far from the life of children, despite the best motives. “Lessons? You don’t see what I’m talking on the phone?”You have repeatedly told yourself that you are raising independence in them. Maybe so, but at the same time they will feel unloved and unhappy.

Perhaps you belong to authoritarian parents who yell, scold and punish – of course, for business. You are sure that your task is to teach them to distinguish good from bad and prepare for life. “How can you think about walking with friends when the lessons are not done? I will hear this again, I will take you a phone for a week “. It is possible that you allow children a lot, are ready to listen and help, but it is difficult for you to maintain discipline. “Of course, you can go for a walk, but do not forget to make lessons, yes, dear?”;“Oh, you did not have time to make them because you stayed in training? Try to do this anymore “. Perhaps you happened to recognize yourself in the “helicopters” – this is the name of parents who went even further in their worries. “You need to make a presentation by the morning? Let me look. I https://heilpraktikerschule-rippel.de/impressum/ just read a great book about it “about it”.

If you have to remove cheese from a cheesburger or put a system for tracking GPS on the phone of a 16-year-old son, perhaps you should get deeper to get acquainted with this topic. You can also be a “tigress” – this is the style of Chinese parents living in Western countries. Children “Tigress” are prohibited for computer games, gatherings in cafes and other useless activities. They must study intensely and also improve in painting or music.

But this strategy does not always bear fruit, despite incredible efforts.

You probably recognized yourself in one of these portraits, saw your shortcomings. So how should it be? First you should admit: everything that happened has already happened. Try to act better in the future and forgive yourself all the mistakes that you still do. Adhere to the style of education that combines responsiveness and warmth with demand and clear boundaries. If, in addition, you understand what exactly contributes to the well -being of the child, then it can be considered that you have mastered the “positive parenthood”.

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